I attended a webinar today run by Twitter Academy on the subject of Twitter Analytics.  Wow, what an insight!!  Thanks to this webinar I now have a better understanding of when my followers are reading my tweets, which tweets are creating the most impressions (the number of times users saw my tweets), what the engagement is like (the Twitter Statistics - image provided by makeuseof.comtotal number of times a user has interacted with a tweet) and what the engagement percentage rate is per tweet…..fascinating stuff!!

Once you’ve popped on to Twitter Analytics, login to your page using your usual Twitter login details. Here is a run down of some of the sections you’ll see:

Tweets – this will show your tweets in the last 28 days and which ones got the most impressions and engagement.  You can click on individual tweets to see when the interaction was at its peak.

Down the right hand side of the screen it will also give you statistics on link clicks, how many tweets were favourited, how many retweets you got and how many replies you received.

At the top right of the page you can change the date range.  There is also the option to export your data to a CSV file.

From this page you can also sign up for Twitter Ads, which allows you to promote your content.

Followers – this is the second tab along the top of the screen.  Click on this to see how many followers you have.

It will also show you your ‘Most Unique Interests’.  This is the top 5 most unique interests of your followers.  Knowing this will enable you to focus your content on what they want to read and it may not always be business related.

In the centre of the page you have the ‘Locations’ section.  This shows you where your followers are located and which cities are the most popular.  So, as an example, looking at my followers, 83% of them are based in the UK with 14% located in London.

I will certainly be paying more attention to my twitter analytics now that I know where to look.  How about you?