The Benefits Of A Professional Logo Design Are Huge And If You’re Sitting On The Fence About Whether It’s Time You Needed A Better Looking Logo, Then Hopefully This Will Help.

Starting out as a business owner can be daunting. There’s so much to do and so much to consider. The to-do list is never ending and you end up spending a lot more money initially before any of it comes back in terms of revenue. The first thing most business owners invest in is either a new laptop, so they can run the admin side of their business, or other important equipment needed in order to actually ‘run’ the business on a day to day basis. For some, it’s industry accreditation or membership.

Branding and logo design, in this instance can come as an after thought. And, because most of the start-up budget Hollie Ellis Graphic Design - professional logo designhas been spent elsewhere, a lot of business owners end up not having any budget left for a professional logo design, so they put one together themselves.

This is great to begin with, but as time goes on and as your business develops and grows, it becomes in people’s minds a lot more. Especially if you really want to get your business out there more. The last thing you want is to then have a logo that was put together with not much thought and you actually hide it, because you’re embarrassed by it.

At that moment in time, it’s probably best to get a professional logo design done. However, I wouldn’t push past the idea at the very beginning of setting up your business, to get a logo professionally designed there and then, when there is some budget there to make it happen. This would mean you have a professional logo designed and ready from the off-set.

The Benefits Of A Professional Logo Design Are Huge:

  1. It looks great.
    You’re not going to be embarrassed by it! In fact, you’ll be super proud of it and you’ll want everyone to see it! You’ll be shouting from the rooftops!
  2. It has a concept behind it.
    Every logo I design has a concept behind it. I dig deep into the roots of the business to understand what it is you do and use that information to create a concept that shines through the logo.
  3. It gives you clarity.
    A lot of clients have said to me after they’ve received their new logo, that they feel they’re moving in the right direction and now have more clarity too.
  4. It gives your business an identity.
    People will instantly recognise your products and services just by your logo. Having brand recognition is priceless. The colours and fonts used also contribute to this.
  5. It personifies the business.
    Having a logo personifies not only your business, products and services, but also you, the business owner. Your values and personality will go into the logo design, creating a brand your target audience can connect and resonate with.
  6. It evokes a connection.
    Logo designs are created with your target audience in mind. When you evoke a connection between them and your brand, you know it’s working.
  7. It creates a first impression.
    There is a difference between a logo design and a brand, but having a logo design contributes to the brand overall. A professional logo design adds more value to your brand, including giving it an identity. It also helps sell the brand overall as over time, people will rave about your brand to all their friends and family. The most important aspect though, is it creates a first impression with your target audience – and that’s what you want.

If you would like to have a professional logo design created for your business, please do get in touch.

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PS I can personally vouch for Hollie. She has created a few of my logos and is very easy to work with.