The services we offer are specific to our clients’ requirements.

We undertake a complimentary consultation with you to ascertain the areas that are holding you back from achieving your business success.

However, some of the services our clients benefit from are:

Diary Management
The Admin Doctor knows how important it is for clients to optimise the time available in their business. That’s why our diary management service is very popular with training consultants, business coaches and mentors because we take away the headache of keeping your busy schedule on track. Using an online shared diary we can organise meetings with your clients directly. We know how much of an admin nightmare it can be when appointments have to be changed, postponed or even cancelled. Whether it be business meetings or coaching sessions, we can deal with it all on your behalf, which means you are then free to focus on the core activities of your business that will make a difference to your bottom line.
Email Marketing
Whether you’re keeping in touch with your clients or reaching out to prospects, the Admin Doctor can support you with email marketing. Using online tools such as Mailchimp, we can design a newsletter template to match your branding and populate it with hard hitting content that will catch your readers’ eye. We can analyse who opens your newsletter and who doesn’t. We can see who is following through on hyperlinks to gain further information, perhaps via your website.
Travel Arrangements
Need to be somewhere? Sourcing rail tickets or air fares can be a time-consuming task and can distract you from the money-making opportunities available to you. Whether you’re heading to London, Russia or America, the Admin Doctor can manage your travel and accommodation plans. We can even organise Visas where necessary.
Event management
Running an event but don’t have the time to manage the project? The Admin Doctor can relieve you of this admin headache by organising the event on your behalf. We can set up online payment options such as PayPal or Eventbrite. We can act as delegate liaison, organise venues, audio visual equipment, catering and refreshments, late cancellations, last minute bookings, etc. We can even attend the event on the day to ensure everything goes to plan, so that you can concentrate on delivering the best event ever.
Typing Support
Whether it’s coaching notes, audio notes, handouts for an event, flipchart notes collated in a training session or creating a PowerPoint presentation, we’ve got it covered. Just tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest.
Using WordPress we can design your website and create a blog for your business. We can even write your content for you. Our design expert will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want. 
Database Management
Using an outdated database can be detrimental to your direct marketing efforts and your business integrity. Let us cleanse your database and keep it fresh. Got piles of business cards but no time to input them into your database? Just another admin headache that we can remove from your busy schedule.