Guest blog by
Kate Cooper-Fay, COO of JPPD Group

So, what are the keys to success?

Well there are many, and different ones mean different things to different people. Over the years, I too have found many different keys to my success, that of my customers and that of my team, as well as that of my friends and myPeople are the key to your success family.

But what is it for me? Well I like a plan. I am extraordinarily goal-orientated; goals drive everything that I do, even down to the holidays I go on and the places I stay. My entire life – be it business or pleasure – is all focused around goals.

My goals, however, mean absolutely nothing if they do not have a purpose. So, why is it important to me that I achieve those goals? And of course, this is all underpinned with my values, respect, integrity and clarity. My values are simply me being true to myself. If any goal I set does not sit comfortably with my values, then it cannot be one of my goals.

In the words of Monte Python “what’s the meaning of life?” Well for me it’s my values, my goals, and their purpose. The meaning of life is the most powerful driving force in most human beings.

So, what if you give your employees a meaning and a sense of purpose, strong values and stretching goals?

They feel worthy and willing to go that all important extra mile, Their brain chemistry changes, they can handle difficult situations and challenging environments better. They even find improved health and an increased sense of wellbeing.

So, do you make your employees feel worthy or worthless?

A common purpose and a feeling of community will always positively affect performance, happiness, health, and wellbeing. Which, of course, is felt by your customers and improves the customer experience.

If your employees are excited by their work they will in turn be willing to give greater discretionary effort. They will do so without any extra effort, it will simply be a natural outcome!

Feeling valued puts our brains into a positive mindset and ultimately delivers success.

Finding work that is meaningful ranks 30% higher than any other factor.

It is our job to engage people. Give them stretched goals, with a sense of purpose and some strong core values.

Good luck and have fun!