We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves….don’t we? But how many of us actually do it on a daily basis? How many of us ensure that we are fit to function rather than fit to flop?

When we’re working in our business it’s very easy to fall into the trap of constantly being on the computer, eating at our desk with very little thought about getting up and about to stretch our legs.

At the start of this year I saw people on Facebook promoting #walk1000miles. So, I decided to dig a little deeper. It#walk1000miles was a campaign started by Country Walking Magazine to promote healthy living and encourage people to get out walking. I thought to myself…..I can do that!

I committed to walking at least 2.74 miles a day during the week and more at weekends so that I would hit the 1000 miles target by the 31st December 2017. I decided that these would be ‘boots on’ miles rather than the day-to-day general walking I’d do around the office, etc. I leave the office a little earlier and go for a ‘boots on’ walk before the afternoon school run.

A few weeks went by and I started to notice the difference the walking was making. I felt fitter. My mind was clearer and I really enjoyed the fresh air and headspace I was getting each day.

Then one day I was perusing Facebook (Facebook has a lot to answer for!!) and I saw that Guide Dogs were running an event called the 100K Yorkshire Challenge . The event is taking place in the Harrogate area on the 17th June and involves walking roughly 62 miles in 24 hours. I thought to myself…..I can do that! And before I knew what had hit me, I was signed up and raring to go.

Anyone who knows me will know how passionate I am about my work with Guide Dogs. I volunteer as a Boarder and am about to embark on a slightly new role as a Training Boarder. This will involve taking the guide dog into centre for training each day and then looking after it on evenings and weekends, for about 10 weeks.

Guide Dog LockyI also look after one guide dog in particular on a regular basis. Locky. He’s a 4 year old Labrador, Golden Retriever Cross. And he’s adorable. I sometimes borrow him at weekends to give him a good run to keep him fit and healthy.

Walking has given me a new lease of life and look forward to my daily walks. I look forward to the fresh air and being able to clear my head. I enjoy the ‘ME’ time it gives me.

My business is looking after other people in their business and making sure things run smoothly. I can only do this if I’m looking after myself first. I’m no use to man nor beast if I’m exhausted all the time. The same goes for you.

So, the moral of the story is if you’re running around like a headless chicken, tied to your desk or computer and generally feeling like you’re swimming in mud, then STOP! Make the decision to be fit to function, rather than fit to flop. Your clients or customers will thank you for it. YOU will thank you for it.

You deserve more!

PS If you could like to sponsor me for my Guide Dogs challenge, my JustGiving page link is here!