The Admin Doctor

North East VA collaboration at its best

People often say that folks from the North East are a mighty friendly bunch.  Well, when it comes to North East VAs, this is no different.  It’s North East VA collaboration at its best.

I host monthly meetings with an ever-growing group of fabulous North East VAs. We meet on the last Tuesday of the […]

Is Social Media Making Us Unsociable?

Social Media is all about being sociable; getting to know people better, finding out more about other businesses. BUT, is social media making you UNSOCIABLE?

Take me for example.  I don’t ‘do’ social media much during the day because I’m working and need to spend my time on my clients’ work, otherwise I don’t earn any […]

Was 2012 a good year or a bad year?

So, have you had time to reflect?  Was 2012 a good year or a bad year?

I know 2012 seems like a dim and distant past but for many people, this is the first week back to work after the festivities.  Be honest, was 2012 everything you hoped it would be?  Did you achieve everything you […]

I’m rubbish at diary management!

“I’m rubbish at diary management”.  That’s what my prospects tell me when we meet up for a chat to discuss their admin headaches.

Well, lucky for them, I’m very good at diary management. I’m not being big-headed, I can say it because that’s what my clients tell me after we’ve been working together for a […]

Keep Swimming!

Saturday was a very proud moment for us.  When Elize asked to take part in Swimathon 2012 I wasn’t sure about it but once we’d signed up, we were really looking forward to the challenge.

As the time to actually take part got closer, Elize started to have second thoughts and I was beginning to worry that […]