Your business is booming and you’ve taken on employees….fantastic!! But as your business grows even more do you find that you’re moving your employees around to fill the gaps and thus leaving other aspects of the business open to neglect?

I was chatting with a business last week about this very same scenario. Their business was growing rapidly and to fill the gaps, they took one or two of the admin staff away from their role and put them in another part of the business, which left the admin department without enough staff to cope.Time for Change - image sourced via Pixabay (Geralt)

They didn’t consider how the staff would feel about the change and didn’t consult with them to see if they were capable of fulfilling the new role or indeed they were comfortable with it. This resulted in staff feeling uneasy, inadequate, under-valued and as a consequence they left the business.

So, the business was even more vulnerable with more gaps to fill. When this happens, everyone is in fire-fighting mode, including the person at the top, and that’s when mistakes happen and reputation is put at risk. This business is paying the price for not handling the task properly.

So, what could they have done differently?

  1. Considered properly what support was needed in the business and what impact the changes would have on the business and staff overall.
  2. Consulted with their staff on the changes that needed to be made and ask how they felt about it and even ask for their input.
  3. Ask if anyone in the admin department would like a trial run in the new role to see if it suited them.  They could have provided support and training to allow them to fulfill the role to the best of their ability.
  4. If the answer was yes, they could have considered taking on additional admin support, whether temporary, permanent or outsourced, to ensure the department wasn’t neglected and existing staff felt valued about their role in the business.
  5. If the answer was no, respect that decision and put the appropriate plans and strategies in place to fill the gap.

When change happens in a business, it is vital that all staff buy in to the change.  The only way to do that is to involve them.  Just putting staff into another role without any explanation or consultation can have a negative impact on them and the business, as this business has found out to its detriment.

If you find yourself in this position, give me a call.  I can fill a gap in the admin department or help with an overload of work so that the dynamics of the business aren’t interrupted.