People are the KEY to your SUCCESS

Guest blog by
Kate Cooper-Fay, COO of JPPD Group
So, what are the keys to success?
Well there are many, and different ones mean different things to different people. Over the years, I too have found many different keys to my success, that of my customers and that of my team, as well as that of my […]

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Marnie and Me

Things happen for a reason
I’m a firm believer in things happen for a reason. How about you? Please meet Marnie. She came into our lives on the 30th September 2017 and is a rescue labrador. She hasn’t had the best start in life but we are making sure that going forward she has the […]

Because You Deserve It!

Why I do what I do
One of my clients, Kate Cooper-Fay of JPPD Group, rings me one day to say she wants me to arrange a trip to London. Not for her, but for me, all expenses paid. Me being me, I asked ‘why’. “Because You Deserve It”, she said. I was gobsmacked to […]

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10 years on, what have I learnt?

On the 1st May 2017, I reached the grand milestone of being in business for 10 years. There have been lots of ups and definitely a few downs. There have been times when I’ve wanted to chuck it all in and get a ‘proper job’. Many a time, I’ve gone back to my ‘why’ […]

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Fit to flop or fit to function?

We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves….don’t we? But how many of us actually do it on a daily basis? How many of us ensure that we are fit to function rather than fit to flop?
When we’re working in our business it’s very easy to fall into the trap […]

The Benefits Of A Professional Logo Design

The Benefits Of A Professional Logo Design Are Huge And If You’re Sitting On The Fence About Whether It’s Time You Needed A Better Looking Logo, Then Hopefully This Will Help.
Starting out as a business owner can be daunting. There’s so much to do and so much to consider. The to-do list is never […]

VA Collaboration not Competition!

Myself and Nicola Burt-Skinner have been running events for Virtual Assistants since 2014, with the emphasis on VA Collaboration not Competition!

The Northern VA Collaboration event is a one-day workshop specific to VAs of all stages in their business. We tailor the speaker topics so that all attendees take away useful information, tips and techniques that […]

Office Show and VA Conference

I attended the annual Office Show last week in London. I love travelling to London, especially when I travel first class as it’s a lot more comfortable. I also get fed and watered and it’s one less thing to think about!

What I particularly dislike though, is the car park at Newcastle Central Station. Every […]

Twitter Analytics

I attended a webinar today run by Twitter Academy on the subject of Twitter Analytics.  Wow, what an insight!!  Thanks to this webinar I now have a better understanding of when my followers are reading my tweets, which tweets are creating the most impressions (the number of times users saw my tweets), what the […]

Business Change Strategy

Your business is booming and you’ve taken on employees….fantastic!! But as your business grows even more do you find that you’re moving your employees around to fill the gaps and thus leaving other aspects of the business open to neglect?

I was chatting with a business last week about this very same scenario. Their business […]