We give you time to build your business, work on your strategy and enable you to make the right moves…


  • Having 10+ years experience in the people development sector means we are ideally positioned to understand the challenges you face in your business.
  • We offer a complimentary consultation to ascertain the areas of your business that you are struggling with and causing you the biggest headaches, which means that we are better positioned to support you in your business.
  • By outsourcing to the Admin Doctor, you are freeing up your valuable time, which means that you have a clear head to focus on developing and growing your business and concentrating on those tasks that earn you income.
  • No need to employ a full time PA, which means that we save you money on tax/NI, holiday pay, training and equipment, etc.

We are a valuable resource that’s available when you and your business needs us most – whether that be on a regular basis or an ad-hoc basis – the decision is entirely yours to make.