Why I do what I do

One of my clients, Kate Cooper-Fay of JPPD Group, rings me one day to say she wants me to arrange a trip to London. Not for her, but for me, all expenses paid. Me being me, I asked ‘why’. “Because You Deserve It”, she said. I was gobsmacked to say the least. I mean, I’m used to clients being grateful for the support I give, but this was gratitude beyond anything I’d experienced before!

A very good friend of hers, who is the owner of the Grange Hotels chain in London, made a suggestion that myself and his EA, Pilar, get together for dinner. Basically, choose a hotel and dinner and accommodation is on him. In their opinion, we bothAngela and Pilar work extremely hard and deserve a treat.

It’s taken a couple of months to get our diaries sorted – and last Friday, Pilar and I met for the first time.

I arrive at the hotel early afternoon and go to my room. I like to work on the train  so thought about treating myself to a little pamper time in the spa. However, before I had the chance, a little surprise arrived at my room….a bottle of champagne!

View of St Pauls Cathedral from The Sky BarWe met in the hotel reception and had early evening drinks in The Sky Bar (the view of St Pauls Cathdral is magnificent), before heading to The Globe Restaurant for dinner. The food was delicious and the flourless chocolate cake was so mouth-wateringly scrumptious!!

Because They Deserve It

I feel well and truly spoilt and full of gratitude. Working with clients who are so dedicated to their business and dynamic in their vision of where they want their business to go, means the world to me. KnowingThe Admin Doctor enjoying champagne they appreciate my efforts in supporting them in their business and that they see me as an integral part of their business, makes me very happy.